United Defense Tactical: Reality-Based Training Programs For Military Excellence

Top 10 Military Training Companies - 2022

Practice makes perfect—nevertheless a common phrase, it carries significance, especially in the military. Sophisticated military missions are driving military forces to adopt newer generation simulator-based training to bolster their capabilities and efficiency.

On this note, the global military simulation and training market is expected to reach $12.2 billion by 2027, according to the most recent market estimates. The analysis also predicts that growth will take place at a CAGR of 5.6 percent during this period. Factors driving this growth are the rise in geopolitical tensions and defense spending and technological developments in the display. With military fleets undergoing modernization worldwide, manufacturers of high-tech military simulators are making more to familiarize defense personnel with the latest systems and equipment.

On this note, Aerospace and Defense Review shares some key developments in the industry to illustrate how companies are leveraging the latest technologies to improve military training. The edition features thought leadership articles from David Norman, Group Director–Engineer in Advanced Technology, Moog, who breaks down the latest advancements that can drive the defense industry and John Fant, Vice President of Advanced Program Development, Lockheed Martin Space, who talks about cyber security and resilience improvement for the military.

In this edition of Aerospace and Defense Review, we also bring to you some of the top stories of military simulation and training providers that deliver the best military simulation and training for their clients. The list includes United Defense Tactical, which stands out for its military training programs designed based on real-life scenarios that equip the military with excellent defense skills.

We hope this edition assists you in finding the appropriate military simulation and training provider that will deliver innovative services that prepare and strengthen the military forces of tomorrow.

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    Top Military Training Companies

  • UDT is the premier provider of firearms and tactical training for civilians, military, and law enforcement. From fundamentals to active shooter training, military personnel can build their knowledge of actual combat situations and develop the skills needed to deal with the threats effectively.


  • NavtechGPS is a technology-driven GPS/GNSS provider with expertise of over 30 years. The company primarily provides in-depth seminars in GPS/GNSS navigation systems and sells equipment to both the military and commercial industries


  • Offers highly customized drill, Honor Guard, sports performance, and leadership development training programs that demand team and individual accountability by reengineering existing regimes to better adapt to evolving mission sets.


  • 3D Media

    3D Media

    3D Media is a certified woman and veteran-owned small business founded on the idea of creating better training for all through VR/AR technology. The company's 3D Media built solutions increases efficiency, reduce accidents, and create a better workflow in high-risk environments



    4C Strategies is the world's leading military training and exercise management software. The highly scalable and configurable platform enables allied forces across the globe to plan, programme, design, manage and optimise complex exercises, training progressions and experimentation

  • AccessVR


    AccessVR believes that advancements in XR technologies and the emergence of the Immersive Economy can unlock human potential and contribute to a more competent, connected and compassionate world. It is a thought leader in immersive experience, composed of academics, storytellers, technologists, creatives, and business professionals

  • Advanced Simulation Technology Inc.

    Advanced Simulation Technology Inc.

    Advanced Simulation technology inc. (ASTi) has served as a vanguard of simulation innovation, delivering products and services that enhance critical training and experimentation programs for an impressive list of military and civilian programs. Their solution space ranges from subsystems integrated into the world’s most sophisticated flight simulators to elegant software add-ins that extend the capabilities of serious games

  • A. Harold & Associates

    A. Harold & Associates

    A. Harold & Associates is a defense & space company that offers training and management services. The company specialized in providing a full range of customized Training, Logistics, Service, and Construction products and solutions to its customers

  • Applied Training Solutions

    Applied Training Solutions

    Applied Training Solutions is a leading national provider of training and operational support technologies and services for the military warfighter and first responder communities. The company provides services to a variety of areas including Disaster Management, IT Services and Support, Protection, Modeling and Simulation, Software Engineering, and Mission Support

  • Aviation Training Consulting

    Aviation Training Consulting

    The most discerning government and private-sector organizations trust Aviation Training Consulting to achieve their mission-critical operations, and provide the most agile solutions for maximized performance. Leveraging its years of institutional expertise, clients can rely on ATC to swiftly adapt for the most challenging and complex programs